About Ebodhi

Fun-Based Coding School For The Kids


We are a team of experts in technology who teach kids to code.

Ebodhi is a programming-based creative and educational platform where children learn to code and acquire skills such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking. With Ebodhi's interesting coding sessions, your kids will be able to explore the programming world with confidence and excellence.

Ebodhi is an initiative by GIPL - a leading technology company established in 2001 with over 200 technical team members. We provide live 1:1 sessions and online classes at Ebodhi, a platform that makes it simple for kids to learn to code. We, at Ebodhi, encourage and enlighten the next generation to prepare them for a dynamic digital world.

Our courses are designed to foster curiosity, active involvement, and hands-on learning. Our creative curriculum is created by a group of professional programmers and trainers, many of whom are also parents to youngsters. Students' learning is tailored to their own requirements and speed when they are taught in small groups. Finally, each class is enjoyable, informative, and engaging!


Empower Kids With Coding

Our vision is to make coding accessible to kids, making it fun and easy to learn. We propose a fun learning experience where the next generation of programmers are born and nurtured through an interactive platform where programming knowledge is gained through collaborative learning.

Coding is a new type of literacy that is a "must-have" ability for all youth, regardless of their future ambitions. It teaches children about the digital world and equips them with the skills such as analytical reasoning, problem-solving, creative thinking, and many others that they need to participate actively in it. Same as learning the alphabet, the sooner children are introduced to coding, the simpler it is for them to understand the fundamentals. We believe that with the right approach and effort, anyone can learn to code; hence, the only requirement at Ebodhi is enthusiasm.

Our courses are created to cater to various requirements and interests of your children. When we say that programming is for everyone, we feel that kids of all ages can learn how to express themselves through programming depending on their personal interests.


Teaching Skills That Matter

We believe that traditional learning methods should be challenged and that innovative curriculums represent the bright future of global education systems. In order to accomplish a pleasant and successful learning process, we focus on engagement and user experience while designing our products. We cultivate a thorough grasp of technology and education, resulting in a product that instructors can readily use and that kids enjoy.

We realised how important code literacy can be for a child's future since we started coding as fourth graders in the 1990s. We aim to provide an entertaining platform where people can learn programming skills while also developing 21st-century skills by innovating, creating, and sharing. We wish to create a worldwide, dynamic learning environment that brings fun, knowledge, and opportunities into the lives of your kids.


Comprehensive Coding Curriculum For Kids

Ebodhi's curriculum is based on years of experience as well as tried and tested research. Our online coding courses for kids include hands-on learning projects that they will love!

Your children will be involved in the coding and project creation process from the start. The curriculum guides students through the process of developing and presenting their projects.

Every coding lesson in a course builds on the one before it, so students finish with a comprehensive understanding of coding abilities and a portfolio full of cool, functional web pages and apps.

When children have devoted tutors and supporting classmates, they learn more effectively. Live online interaction with teachers and classmates gives your kids the motivation they need to excel in coding.

Learning By Doing

  • The best way for kids
  • to learn is by doing.
  • Our courses provide
  • kids the opportunity
  • to work on coding
  • projects while
  • learning new skills.

Guided Learning

  • The teacher guides
  • the students through
  • the learning process,
  • engaging them,
  • inspiring them,
  • and encouraging them
  • to ask questions.

A Creative Approach To Learning

  • Role-playing of real-life
  • circumstances and
  • creative inquiry,
  • such as projects inspired
  • by student interests
  • are part of our flexible
  • classroom environment.
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